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The Willow Creek Railroad is a 123cm x 92cm module layout, [ I know that it is small, but when you live in a small 55+ unit, it's all you can fit. ] modelled on a factitious Logging camp/village in a factitious valley N/E of Berry, NSW, Australia.

I have always had a soft spot for those who through hard work and battling the elements, have wrestled using hand tools to bring the tall timber from the back of beyond using good old Aussie ingenuity, This layout is in their memory. Oh, and in my view, Diesels are not trains, give me "Steam" any time, Steam needs to be coaxed, manhandled, sweet talked.
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Let me take you on a journey. [1913 ~ 1985]

From about 1840 many timber grants were offered in NSW to anyone who applied and around 1850 the village of Willow Creek was settled by timber-cutters who used bullock teams to pull the timber from the bush. In 1913, one of the larger operators in the Illawarra area was Charles Taylor and Company Limited. The company had a licence from the Forestry Department to cut timber from the local bush, and had on their grant that which was regarded as among the best stands of timber on the South Coast of NSW. Operations in that region commenced from a small depot at Willow Creek.

In order to operate on this licence the Taylor firm acquired some lengths of 3 ft 6 in (1067 mm) gauge tramway in 1913 from the British firm of JB Bush of Calcutta, India. The original line they replaced appears to have been built about 1887 and used horse traction on wooden track, It would appear the official opening of the line after conversion from horse traction to steam locomotive took place on 29th June 1914. The line travelled from Willow Creek to Kiama, where the timber was placed on Clipper ships bound for Wollongong and Sydney.

In August 1914 Charles Taylor and Company Limited ordered two Tank locomotives [ one 0-6-0 class 4500 and a 0-6-0T Saddle tank loco ] from the defunct Australian Timber Company [ Tasmania ] and purchased some extra 2nd hand rails from them also. The relaying of the line and the upper level extension extended into late 1915.

The first locomotive was christened "Glyn" by Elizabeth the wife of Capt. Allen McKay Esq, Steam Ship Captain and Gentry from Kiama, after their son who had passed away from measles aged 5 years old, in Wales. On the 15th of August 1915, a saw mill was built and established at Willow Creek and the village was established and gazetted in the Sydney papers on the 1st of April 1916.

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